The Pandemic Collection


About a couple of months ago I debuted volume 1 of the Pandemic Collection. A compilation of fall fits that I put together. It reminded me how much I miss getting dressed to go anywhere. I mean we all do right Anyway, the Pandemic Collection came out of necessity. Whether you have the means or not you can still make use of what you have to create new looks for yourself.


I haven’t worked since March, so it felt good to have something keep me busy and the content flowing. Not gonna lie it has been hard. My bills are getting paid, but any other luxuries like new clothes, shoes, etc. aren’t a priority as much. Don’t get me wrong I still have a list full of goodies sitting in my cart until I can buy them haha.


But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from creating this collection is that mastery comes while you’re in the fire. Constantly refining your skill and technique in whatever situation you’re in. When the opportunity presents itself for you to do more with more access is when your true genius will reveal itself.


Honestly, I hope you all enjoy this as I have. I hope it serves as an inspiration to find whatever new looks you can in your closet. Keep following along as I unveil each volume in the collection.

Until next time.

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