Good eats at Henry’s Tavern

Almost a week has passed since I met up with some Seattle Gents, at Henry’s Tavern and I still can’t forget how good it was.

Anytime you’re in Bellevue for some much needed shopping, catching up with some friends, or simply looking to get out of the house to sit and hangout then you have probably stumbled past it. Why? Well it’s on the 3rd floor of Lincoln Square Mall, and I have to admit that I missed it the first time I was there.

Let’s not jump the gun here about whether or not it’s worth it to go there. Allow me to tell you my experience there with some of my friends and you can make the decision for yourself.


As I said earlier I was meeting up with some Seattle Gents for some evening happy hour action. I was hoping to arrive a little early to get a couple pictures of the venue beforehand but I had a prior engagement (a nephew’s birthday party at a bowling alley) that ran a little late.

The moment I walked in the guys were already making themselves comfortable in the VIP section. Drinks in hand, smiles and laughs all around I could tell that I was in for a great evening. The venue has lots of space, open bar seating, private booths for you and some friends and exclusive lounge areas for larger parties to watch games intimately and hangout away from everyone else.






The food on the other hand was exquisite .We were presented with several courses paired with signature drinks brewed locally. From the name Henry’s Tavern you may think that you’re in for just American style cuisine, which is true but the way it was prepared was simply satisfying.







Though they dabble in American style food, the array of platters that were provided gave us delectable morsels that were savory with each bite. It felt like we had five different meals of starters; mouthwatering appetizing starters.

As Chef Sean came in to check on us and describe each course, the food kept coming so we naturally had more had more drinks to wash it down. Oddly enough it was not the food the blew me away it was their service.




We all have had good and bad service, sometimes that makes the difference between coming back or never setting foot in an establishment again. From the moment I arrived, our waitress was down to earth, friendly, super helpful  and really made the night enjoyable for me – she truly enjoyed her job and the people she works with; which I saw in the way we took care of us. (Thanks Katie)





Final thoughts, if you’re ever trying to find a nice spot to hangout, watch sports and enjoy time with friends then this is a no brainer. If you fancy some of the tasty treats shown above, the ask for Chef Sean and tell him that the Seattle Gents recommended you try them.


Photography by  Anthony Smith (@soulbreathingphotography)