Fall & Winter essentials -Thanksgiving Edition

For many of us the next 24 hours will be spent making final preparations for Thanksgiving. Most of the attention is focused on what we’re ready to eat, Continue reading “Fall & Winter essentials -Thanksgiving Edition”

Fall & Winter Essentials

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. The last couple of months have been busy, hosting events, dinners, meeting more creatives etc. I needed time to plan things out so I could share them with you all.

As we all can see Fall is already here. Leaves on the ground, nights are chilly and not to mention the many colors all around us in nature. Fall is supposed to represent change, which is interesting; some people tend to purge their closets around this time of year so they can rebuild or upgrade their closet and change their looks for the impending seasons.

So if you’re looking to add something to your closet for the season, I have just the look for you. Introducing the cardigan…


A cardigan is a knitted sweater that you can button in the front. The buttons give you the option to wear it open or closed and serves as an alternative to wearing a jacket. This is what makes a cardigan versatile; you can use it as outerwear as well as inner wear.


This burgundy cardigan I got from Target and paired it with a  patterned dress shirt from H&M. The knitted design on the cardigan adds another layer of detail, with it’s own shapes the match the shirt’s theme. I like the way the burgundy works especially for the fall. It’s not too bright and adds nice touch to the black jeans and loafers I had on.


So I  decided to show you guys two different cardigans, a burgundy and beige one.


This beige cardigan is from Old Navy. As you can tell from both cardigans they each have a unique knitted design. This one is more grainy yet subtle; paired with a paisley/floral shirt by Jared Lang the cardigan adds as a nice touch that enhances the uniqueness of the shirt.


We all have dress codes for our jobs; some dress more formal than others. For me I’m in a suit combination 3 days out of the work week. Come Thursday, Friday and most weekends, I like to switch things up. Most of you probably wear jeans to work, which is fine. So I curated a these looks for just that. I substituted my blazer for a cardigan and still pulled off a great look that still says dapper.

Being dapper doesn’t mean being in a suit all day. If that’s your preference then cool; but it means having a neat, debonair appearance. Which you can still do in jeans and a cardigan if you do it right.

I hope you found another item to add to your arsenal, whether it’s a cardigan or dress shirt. Play around with these pieces and see if they work for you; have fun finding new ways to curate your own cool.