Hey guys! it’s been a while. But guess what, it’s storytime!  For as long as I can remember any time we as a family went anywhere (church, cousin’s house, dinner, etc.) we dressed up. Now my parents have always been fly. They to a degree have influenced my style. No matter where my siblings and I went, we had to get dressed. I’m talking dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, the works.

We were distinguished, the way we were dressed made us stand out. Fast forward when I’m playing sport in high school. Every athlete had to dress up for away games. I was comfortable wearing slacks and a dress shirt.

I know my experience isn’t the same for all of you. You may not be a fan of slacks and have switched to wearing chinos and dark denim jeans. I want to share another alternative option. Pleated pants and shorts. Now, these pleated pants and shorts from Zara dropped earlier this year. They’re very comfortable like a pair of sweats. In my opinion, you can wear them casually, in your leisure time, for work, brunch, etc. These pants have taken the awkwardness out of getting dressed.

Now that I’ve talked them up, take a look at some looks that I paired with them. Hopefully, you guys want to explore your own alternatives to dress pants that work for you. If you end up copping a pair of pleated pants from Zara or Issey Miyake let me know what you think and what fits.

Talk to you soon!




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