Maintaining the Cool

Spring season is under way. The sun has shown itself a little more lately while, the temperature is beginning to feel enjoyable again. For me that means trying to get my closet together and transition from all my heavy winter stuff to lighter spring pieces.


Of course it’s easier said than done right?

Lately I’ve heard people using the word bold when they refer to the spring. “Bold colors”, “Now I can wear brighter colors and have this bolder vibe”, “Be bold this spring.” If that’s the way you want to think of it then by all means do you. I won’t necessarily say people are wrong because that is what they believe.


When I think of the clothes that I’m going to wear, when it actually looks and feels like spring, the ideas of versatile, timeless and comfortable come to mind. Lately I’ve taken time to go through my closet in order to figure out what works.

What does that look like exactly?

Copy of IMG_0323

Trying on my clothes, I’m already made aware that some pieces don’t fit like they used to. Maybe a pair of trousers from a suit are too tight in my thighs, or a blazer is too snug so it doesn’t fit right now. I naturally have big thighs and now that I’m working out consistently again, my shoulders are even broader than before. Man the struggle is real. So looking at what I have, it can feel like there aren’t a lot of options that I can put together. But that’s never the case.


Sometimes it takes going out of your comfort zone and experimenting with new concepts to find those looks that you hadn’t thought of yet.

When I think of the spring it’s like a breath of fresh air that comes to mind. Light weight pieces that can be mixed with those winter pieces to create new patterns, textures and layers. Of course you also have to be aware of what colors work with your skin tone.


Until it’s officially summer you may see the temperature fluctuating. In Seattle even though it’s spring, we still have overcasts. There may be cold mornings and nights while the afternoons feel great. So with each outfit you put together, you should be able to stay warm when it gets cold, and keep cool as it gets warmer throughout the day.




I hope this look and many more give you some ideas and inspiration to put some new looks together. The best looks that you might create are the ones with the most simplest concept. Execution is key so even if you have a good look, if you don’t wear it with confidence you won’t think it looks right.