Sartorial Sunday – Sock with a hint of spice

As I was getting ready for work I usually set out my clothes for the week. It occurred to me that I own more pairs of socks with patterns and designs that regular ones. I found it a bit nostalgic because as I kid I was used to wearing black or white pairs of athletic socks with whatever I wore to school.

Now being an adult, I’ve learned that there are certain sock standards that I unconsciously uphold. Maybe you yourself do the same, if you don’t then this will be a good tip to implement with you socks.

This leads us to tip # 8 – Sock with a hint of spice

Sartorial Sunday 8

Socks are key to help bringing your outfit together, they add a nice touch of personality. Nowadays you see  men well dressed with traditional black or grey dress socks which is fine. Granted there are situations that warrant extremely formal attire (i.e. funerals etc.) but outside of that white socks are an absolute no-no.

Wearing white socks with dress shoes is a touchy subject, everything has a time a place but for now steer clear of white socks. You should try broadening your horizons by trying new things. Instead of keeping things boring try to make your sock game more lively by incorporating colorful socks.

There are so many kind of socks, colorful, patterned  non patterned socks that you will find some that work for you and a hint cool to your feet. Overall there good investments and very cost effective and will a nice of style to your next outfit.



Dapper 101 – Eye of the beholder

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about what we were wearing that morning and where we got each item from. The conversation evolved into where to buy clothes of great quality without having to break the bank to do so.

People tend to spend a lot of money on brand name clothing. Some might understand the quality of the fabric and simply appreciate the craftsmanship; others just have a taste level for expensive things, to each their own.

One thing I continue to enjoy as I learn from each experience is, you don’t have to spend money on brand name clothing or at high end stores for quality apparel. You just have to be willing to look and invest the time to find the quality at everyday places.

This brings us to tip# 7 – Eye of the beholder

Sartorial Sunday 7 (1)


Whether you head to a thrift store, salvation army, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy etc. You can find some good pieces within your budget, if you take the time to see what some places offer. I see it as playing where’s Waldo, you never know what you’re looking forward until you find it; sometimes you don’t have to walk into a store aiming to find a specific thing, the beauty is in the adventure.

Hopefully you can try this the next time you go shopping.


Dapper 101 – Attention to Detail

As the seasons change, you start to understand that there are some fabrics that can’t be worn year round. As it gets colder we wear more wool to stay warm; but as it gets warmer we flock towards linen and cotton to stay cool.

It’s important to take time to understand which fabrics are favorable during different times of year. This leads us to tip #6 – Attention to detail.

Sartorial Sunday 6

In the fall, cardigans are great because you can combine them with shirts that have different patterns, textures and colors to create a subtle harmony connecting all elements.

Linen fabric is great for the summer because it allows you to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. If you’re able to figure out which fabrics work for you during different times of the year. You will be able to curate amazing outfits mixed with different patterns and styles that will give you, your own a unique look.




Dapper 101 – Dress your feet

I love sneakers as much as the average sneaker head. Over the years I haven’t worn them as much. Most of us work; that being said we wear some kind of dress shoes for those 8 hour work days.

Overtime, I’ve gained an appreciation for dress shoes. The different styles, the  and craftsmanship that goes into each pair; make dress shoes very intriguing. With that said, shoes are the most important investment you can make to your closet they help complete an outfit when you pair them correctly.

That brings us to tip #5 – Dress your feet

Sartorial Sunday 5


Copy of IMG_0112

Dapper 101 – Throw it in the bag

I find myself always on the move during the weekend. From the moment I wake up, get ready and leave home, I meet up with some friends for brunch; then move on to other events throughout the day. Sometimes I have moments where I just want to sit down and write some content or just charge my phone. Then there are other moments where I have to change clothes depending on what I have planned the rest of the day.

Sometimes bringing a backpack doesn’t cut. It’s like stuffing clothes and accessories into a small bag like a kid going to a sleepover. So I found a nice style hack that I thought I’d share with you guys, introducing Tip #4 – Throw it in the bag

Sartorial Sunday 4



A weekend bag is an upgrade from a backpack. It’s a practical item that gives a timeless look with some class. A weekend bag can serve as a gym bag one moment then a bag you can store things in for date night. It’s mostly used for travel when you’re heading out of town for a short trip but either way it’s easy to carry around and looks cool.



Dapper 101 Tip # 3

Whenever I leave the home to meet up with friends sometimes I feel like whatever I’m wearing is off. It’s not like it doesn’t fit but it feels like it’s missing something. Everyone around me might say “you look great,”  and but subconsciously I know something there is one piece I forgot to complete the look.

This bring us to tip # 3 The Supporting Cast

Copy of Sartorial Sunday 3


Dapper 101 – Tip #1

There’s nothing better than a three day weekend. As we begin September, the summer is still putting us on notice, letting us know that it hasn’t ended yet. — I mean who’s going to complain about more sunshine and fun days outside right? — As the seasons change it also marks the end of some our favorite summer shows, and back to our regularly scheduled less dramatized lives.

Tell help ease you into the impending seasonal change and probably inevitable purge of your closet, I introduce, Sartorial Sundays. Sartorial Sundays will be short style and etiquette tips for you to keep mind of as you upgrade your garments to slay at all things dapper.

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