You use SNKRS app?

So today, we’re doing things a little differently. That’s right, let’s indulge in some sneaker talk. How many of you are familiar with the SNKRS app? Let me rephrase that question, how many of you are familiar with taking L’s on the SNKRS app?

Yeah, I’ve been there. The app might as well tell us, “congratulations you played yourself”(DJ Khaled voice). We’re tired of not being selected for the latest drops. Frankly, it feels unfair to a lot of users. Well, if it’s any consolation, the folks over at Nike are starting to feel the pressure.


In a recent meeting last week, Nike VP Jon Faris explained how Nike wants to recreate the sneaker marketplace to reflect the community they serve. “Especially in Black and brown communities and Asian communities, so that we actually show and we actually give equity and inclusion to the communities that have been gentrified out and alienated by the resale market.”

Hmm, let me give you some context as to why this is hard for me to believe.

The SNKRS app is the direct link to Nike’s coveted products. Yet because we’re not selected for those products, we leave the app to use other reliable ones (GOAT, StockX, Kyx World, etc.)

One can make the argument that sneaker culture has been gentrified. Sneaker culture has always been a sub-culture in fashion. Also, it’s more popular among the younger generations and, become more mainstream than ever before.

You could say that the market’s saturated with bots, or the early access people that don’t need it, so the regular folks don’t have a chance at these drops.

Remember ole boy, Joe Herbert, with the crazy shoe collection? The same kid that used his mom’s Nike corporate credit card; and bots to cheat the system to buy out entire stock limited drops. Yeah, that guy.
Get this at the time, his mom Ann Herbert was the VP of North America who oversaw the SNKRS app.

So when it’s all said and done will you still be logging on to the app to see if you’ve won? Goodluck beloved. As for me, I’ll get it by other methods.



Hey guys! it’s been a while. But guess what, it’s storytime!  For as long as I can remember any time we as a family went anywhere (church, cousin’s house, dinner, etc.) we dressed up. Now my parents have always been fly. They to a degree have influenced my style. No matter where my siblings and I went, we had to get dressed. I’m talking dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, the works.

We were distinguished, the way we were dressed made us stand out. Fast forward when I’m playing sport in high school. Every athlete had to dress up for away games. I was comfortable wearing slacks and a dress shirt.

I know my experience isn’t the same for all of you. You may not be a fan of slacks and have switched to wearing chinos and dark denim jeans. I want to share another alternative option. Pleated pants and shorts. Now, these pleated pants and shorts from Zara dropped earlier this year. They’re very comfortable like a pair of sweats. In my opinion, you can wear them casually, in your leisure time, for work, brunch, etc. These pants have taken the awkwardness out of getting dressed.

Now that I’ve talked them up, take a look at some looks that I paired with them. Hopefully, you guys want to explore your own alternatives to dress pants that work for you. If you end up copping a pair of pleated pants from Zara or Issey Miyake let me know what you think and what fits.

Talk to you soon!




End of good weather & summer shorts

Man, we’re halfway through August already. It feels like the end of summer is fast approaching and with it the end of good weather and summer shorts. But before we get into that I hope you all have been able to get out and enjoy being outside in this good weather. I’ve seen everyone showing off their crisp fits. For some of you, we gotta take a time out, a FULL TIMEOUT(shout-out to the hoopers and sports fans.)

I gotta check the temperature. Let me ask you this, what are your summer options like? On second thought scratch that, what are your summer fit options like? What are the kind of shorts that you have and wear? It’s really nice out and we’re all enjoying things being open again for now. I just want to make sure that the fit matches the vibe accordingly. Take advantage of wearing shorts right now.

To be honest, shorts are a luxury. Think about it back in the 2000s era we were all decked out in baggy clothes. Being a hooper myself, you couldn’t catch me without wearing baggy shorts. Now fast forward to today, everything is more from fitting. Take shorts for example, right now I prefer to have them sit at the knee or above the knee.

Can I ask you a question? How many times have you worn those khakis to a cookout? No shade! No shade at all, I just want to reiterate that you should be looking at all the available options. Have you looked at mesh shorts, woven knit shorts, cargo shorts, cotton shorts, and what about pleated shorts? There are a lot of different options to look at and I want to make sure that your shorts catalog is good to go.

Watch these fits I curated.


The Panini & Summer Tracksuits

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, you know? Restrictions have lifted, and the outside is officially open. I’m not sure how to feel about it all. We’ve been locked down in a whole panini for about a year, and some change. Part of it felt like being stuck in isolation, and the other part felt like a nice stay-cation


We’re all at home, so we haven’t had much of a reason to get dressed. Most of our work-from-home attire probably consisted of some tracksuit or sweatsuit ensemble. Any zoom meetings during the day,  replace the top with an appropriate shirt/blouse, and all good.

I can’t lie though there are moments where I get dressed just to grab groceries or fill the tank of gas in my car. That nostalgia of getting fly and going out to social gatherings is becoming a reality again. But I want to share are some ideas to upscale some of those at home looks for more elevated casual fits for outside.





What better way to share these ideas than to use me as the subject! Now you guys know I like my stuff to be different, to stand out. So I have this tracksuit by Allen Onyia from Macy’s that is great, to be quite honest.


I love the detail of the pocket, the splash of color going down the sweatshirt, and the pants. What is unique about this tracksuit is that I can pair it with other items in my closet to create versatile looks.

Sweatshirt from the Allen Onyia X INC collab

It’s hot this summer. I want to have fits that keep me cool in the heat and warm during cool nights. Take the sweatshirt, for example, I can add some chinos, pleated trousers, low-top sneakers, loafers, and boots now I have an elevated brunch/ dinner fit. If I need a more relaxed look I can substitute the pants for some mesh shorts, pleated shorts, chunky socks, and whatever sneakers and voilà instant comfort.

Quality time with my girlfriend Porscha

Now, what could I do with the pants? The pants I said earlier have a pop of color going do the quads and shins. At the bottom, a slit that enables the pants to drape down no matter what shoes you wear. I’d wear a mesh tank top or any shirt with a breathable fabric like cotton to keep me cool. If I need something to keep me warm at night, I can grab a denim jacket or a light cardigan sweater and call it good.


Thanks for reading for the latest fits check-out Instagram and Youtube for my latest work behind the scenes.


Photos by Brandon Soder & Karen Leann Kirschand and Myself


Incorporating clues behind video reels

I want to start this by saying that the next set of posts will be dedicated to showing you all how hints. I’m incorporating clues into video reels, to give you somewhat of a sneak peek behind the curtain.

You know it’s crazy to think how all media platforms are incorporating some type of video capability. Instagram had stories now reels. Twitter has fleets, and there’s Tik Tok, Snapchat, the list goes on and on.


Video has become the most effective way to show content besides podcasts. With this reels wave going on, it took me a while to get on board simply because I generally dislike trendy things. I feel like a follower for going with the flow if I don’t totally understand it. So that’s how I came to start doing reels, I figured out how to create cool aesthetically pleasing content in my own way.


I tend to take my time with creating content. Because I don’t batch create, I tend to present things extremely late. But I’m working on it. The reel content I’m working on is different, different in the sense that I’m creating new looks but also giving you a glimpse into the things that I’m into.


For example, I was born in the ’90s. I love all things that remind me of that time. There was Living Single, (way better than Friends, don’t @ me) the Cosby show, A Different World, etc. Also, I’m into video editing, as in cool transitions, etc. So in the new content that will be coming soon, I wanted to take from those themes and implement them into my own work.


Here are some clues for you to guess the theme behind the first reel for volume 2 of the Pandemic Collection.

I can’t give away too much away but there’s a lot here that I’m incorporating into the first reel. Can you guess what it is? Alright, the next clue is more technical but still relevant.

I think with both of these clues you can imagine what’s possible. I haven’t really tried this before so I’m working really hard to nail it on the first try. Like I said earlier, I’m utilizing more creativity with reels. But I’m also pouring more of myself into and not just style wise.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes insight for the next reels.


The End of Volume 1

Happy Black History Month to you all! We have reached the end of Volume 1. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the last set of fits for volume 1.

The last look of volume 1

As I write this now, I look back at all of the fits in volume 1. There was so much joy creating this content. To be honest, this helped sharpen my sword so to speak, and for that I am thankful. Still, though it still was quite a time trying to put together this last set of fits. It’s been an up and down roller-coaster during the pandemic.

the finale for pandemic collection


These looks were simple fits for the moments where you’re chillin at home. You know, those days where you’re feeling a vibe late at night with the music on and a drink in hand. Whatever your mood may be in make sure it’s on that gives you that battery in your back. Remember, make the best of what you have.

The next set of looks I’m working on will be better. A hint of monochromatic here and there mixed in with street and work attire. Once outside opens back up, these fits will be a problem! Again I hope you enjoy the end of volume 1.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks.



More looks for Volume 1

What’s good family I’m back with more looks straight out of that volume 1 catalog! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the looks from the first iteration in the collection. This second one had a lot of different colors, patterns and was a bit more functional.

To me, these looks represent a normal day during quarantine. Starting from work in the morning to social distance interactions at night. Do you ever have the feeling that you wanna wear something nice for the day? That was what that first look embodied, that let me get ready for the office at home, work attire. Slowly as you watch the reel the aesthetic shifts to a more relaxed cozy fit followed by something for that casual meet-up with friends.

If that’s not the vibe you got then please let me know! I want to hear your interpretations! In each set of looks, you can always see me wearing some type of pattern. The first look I think I was wearing had checkered slacks. Also, in the second look, you can see that I have on that coogi-esque sweater.


look 2 in the next set of looks for volume 1 look 2 in the next set of looks for volume 1

I’ve always appreciated finding ways to make things work. I feel like this how it’s been for everyone during the pandemic. Whether you’re working or not working, we’re all figuring out ways to make this new normal work. For example, some of you may be figuring out how to maintain your mental health, eating habits, keeping yourselves productive, etc.


Another example is my first reel was outside, but because Seattle weather is known to be ugly this time of year, so I had to pivot and take it inside.

It might not have turned out the way I envisioned it but in time it will. So, I gotta hold on and keep going. The same goes for you all. This time this moment of loss, separation, isolation will pass, and from it will come a better time.


Keep an eye out for my next post about the last set of looks for volume 1. Volume 2 is coming together really well right now. I’m working on some dope winter looks that show more balance in my looks and uniform. And of course, there will be a lot of looks you can emulate and cop!



Catch Volume 1 Fall Collection

So, these are the first looks from volume 1 of the fall collection. I wanted to make content that was fun and showed a variety of colors and pieces, that we often forget look great in the fall. You know most of us have something in our closets that has a navy, burgundy, dark grey, or black color to it. But what about a mustard yellow? Or a camo/military green?

Since we’re all at home I thought it was only appropriate that I tap into the athleisure and cozy aesthetics as well. Y’all know what I’m talking about, crewnecks, sweats, hoodies, shorts, etc., the full gamut of being unbothered at home.

crewneck from outfit 1 from Volume 1 of the Pandemic Collectionoutfit 1 from Volume 1 of the Pandemic Collection


After looking through my closet I found what I needed. But still had to put em together. So, I thought about different color combos that would pair well together. Like navy and yellow, grey and navy, olive and black and can’t go wrong with black on black.

 varsity jacket from outfit 2 from Volume 1 of the Pandemic Collection outfit 2 from Volume 1 of the Pandemic Collection

Hopefully, you all enjoy these first looks from the volume 1 fall collection. Keep a lookout for the next set of looks from volume one on Instagram. As for me, it’s back to the lab to finish the next rollout for volume 2.



The Pandemic Collection


About a couple of months ago I debuted volume 1 of the Pandemic Collection. A compilation of fall fits that I put together. It reminded me how much I miss getting dressed to go anywhere. I mean we all do right Anyway, the Pandemic Collection came out of necessity. Whether you have the means or not you can still make use of what you have to create new looks for yourself.


I haven’t worked since March, so it felt good to have something keep me busy and the content flowing. Not gonna lie it has been hard. My bills are getting paid, but any other luxuries like new clothes, shoes, etc. aren’t a priority as much. Don’t get me wrong I still have a list full of goodies sitting in my cart until I can buy them haha.


But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from creating this collection is that mastery comes while you’re in the fire. Constantly refining your skill and technique in whatever situation you’re in. When the opportunity presents itself for you to do more with more access is when your true genius will reveal itself.


Honestly, I hope you all enjoy this as I have. I hope it serves as an inspiration to find whatever new looks you can in your closet. Keep following along as I unveil each volume in the collection.

Until next time.

I haven’t been around on INSTAGRAM

It’s been a while since some of you have heard from me. I haven’t been around on Instagram to post at all really. To be honest I haven’t wanted to post. Don’t get me wrong, I have content to post but I don’t feel like that’s how I want to move forward in this present moment. It still doesn’t feel right.

Let’s take a step back and review the last six months quickly so you understand what I’ve been up to. At the end of May, I got the news that my dad died. It broke me, and it hurt. It still hurts. I never got to say goodbye, and in his final moments, my dad was nowhere near his family.

To be clear, my dad did not die from the Covid-19 virus. He was a victim of circumstance. My dad was in Nigeria to honor the death of his father, who died last year in October. Because of the travel ban, he couldn’t come home. Nor was my dad able to have the proper medical attention or medication for his diabetes.

For the past couple of months, I’ve flown back and forth between WA and MD. Being with my family, we continued to go through hell. Hell in coming to terms with my dad’s death and how to move forward, while dealing with everything else. It felt like the world kept moving on like everyone got to continue their lives while we were stuck in this moment of grief, depression, anxiety…loss. This on top of being unemployed, paying bills every month, etc so of course, why would I be on social media? I don’t have a desire to post anything, and nothing felt impactful to me.

Back then, I didn’t know what moving forward looked like. Now I still don’t know what life after the death of my dad looks like. One day being back home with my family, my 3 brothers, my sister, my mom, and I were all sitting together talking about what we want for our lives moving forward. My brother, Bob, told us something that stays in my heart today, “YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO BE WHO YOU WANNA BE ANYMORE, YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO BE GREAT!”

If you’ve lived in a household where your people place expectations of what they want you to be in life then you understand. Hearing those words, it was like no other expectations mattered. It felt like an outer shell of my entire self shattered, and my true self was waking up to live out the rest of this life.

Right now, I’m processing my dad’s death, finding ways to move forward in life. I’m immersing myself in being present with myself, while finding inspiration and ways to show meaning in my art when it’s ready. Here’s the thing you’ll never be ready, unless you go out and do it right? Writing this is like taking my first step towards that.