Beckett & Robb

Hey guys I know its been awhile but I’ve been in an artistic space, creating some different pieces for the summer. For example take last week, I showed up for an awesome collaboration with Beckett & Robb. They’re basically are a custom menswear clothier that provide great craftsmanship in their suits.

Anyway I ventured downtown to their Seattle store location and caught up with more of my guys as we broke bread, enjoyed drinks and of course talked about fashion. During the the event we were presented with nice gifts; though what I appreciate most about collaborations and partnerships like these are the gems, tips,  and inspiration you gain from conversations from people of different walks of life.




Aside from the food, drinks and presents, we were given the honor of meeting the Co-Founder of Beckett & Robb, Derek Bleazard, who gave us a quick synopsis of the company. He talked about the challenges he faced from leaving his job to following his passion in co-creating this endeavor.



Not many people understand the process of getting a custom suit. It’s very intimate, similar to the way we as men to go the barbershop to get our haircut. The barber knows the specific details of how we men like our hair styled and cut. Well getting a custom suit is pretty much just as important. From picking out the fabric, to the design of the suit, the style of the suit etc; Beckett & Robb takes you on a journey for you to learn how a custom suit is made just for you.


Father’s Day is right around the corner, so it would be a great idea to walk in with your dad, husband etc and see first the experience of creating a custom suit. Well that’s all for now. Thanks for you support and please spread the word.


Photography Anthony Smith