Fall & Winter Essential – part 4

In this last installment of Fall & Winter essentials, lets visit the last sweater that’s most commonly overlooked and less likely favored.


Now when I mention sweater vests, what comes to mind? Most of you I would tend to think envision those ugly argyle sweater vests, that nobody likes unless if it’s for an ugly sweater party.


I mean I get it. A sweater vest is appreciated by few and hated by many. Mainly because it’s not as trendy, people really have a misunderstanding about sweater vests because they really don’t know how to wear it.


Yes, the argyle patterns looks unattractive, yes they give off a preppy vibe, and are very bland. But just like everything else sweater vests have different styles, you just have to be willing to find em to find the right one for you. Sweater vests add a touch of formality to whatever outfit you have on. Think of it like a 3 piece suit, it gives that extra polish.


Just like turtlenecks you can dress it up and down just as easily.  Throw on a simple dress shirt and roll up the sleeves, to show that you mean business, it also shows that casual vibe even if you elect to wear it jeans or trousers.


One thing I’ve surmised is that layering shows a level of effort in dressing better. Sweater vests aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s either you rock with it or you don’t. Even if you’re on the fence hopefully this gives you an idea of how to wear them one day.

Now that you have an idea of what sweaters you can add to your arsenal, take some to look for those styles and patterns that fit your look.



Fall & Winter essential – part 3

For most of us it’s still cold outside while the sun shines, giving us some optimistic hope of things getting warmer.


This winter is a cold gripping harsh reality that having the right pieces and layers are more of a necessity than just a wardrobe choice.


A couple of posts ago I talked about some sweaters that were great options for the fall. Truthfully sweaters are great pieces for any season. I mean think about it, don’t you have shirts, jackets, or denim jeans that you wear from one season into another? Anyway I never got around to finishing that list of sweaters that you need as the weather gets colder. Now I must caution you with the first piece, most of us have mixed feelings about this particular sweater.

If you’re not aware of it, awhile ago there was a Roc Nation Pre-Grammy’s Brunch. If you’ve seen the photos online on Instagram you notice the trend circulating around the room in a lot of outfits that notable celebrities had on. Ladies and gentleman I introduce you to the turtleneck.


Now when I say that most of us have mixed about turtlenecks I mean some part of your childhood you were forced to wear a turtleneck to school; you noticed how hot it made you, how people made fun of you and that was the last time you wore a turtle neck.

Or is was it just me…

A turtleneck is a timeless, classic piece. It goes by many aliases, roll-neck, mock neck etc. If you’re able to find the right type of turtleneck that suits you and wear it correctly it’ll give you a leaner stylish look.


There’s something elegant in the way it fits one’s body. It tends to accentuate the neck and facial features, focusing on more on the neck up than rather the chest or stomach (abs) below. Contrary to popular belief, a turtleneck is much more versatile than you think. There’s multiple ways to dress it up or down.

Having the right type of turtleneck is essential. Starting with a thin one gives you a lot of options to work with.


If you’ve gone out for a dinner with friends or had a company meeting, you’ll notice some people wearing turtlenecks with suits and it works why? Well because it’s causal enough for those friendly outings but also gives a formal tone to a suit so you don’t have to stick to the shirt and tie dress code.


Now when Thursday and Friday roll around, most of us tend to dress more causally not only in the workplace. Well, with the right jacket and jeans a turtleneck is self sufficient and you won’t give off old man grandpa vibes with your outfit.


Wearing a simple, top coat or shearling jacket with a turtleneck and your favorite denim jeans give you a solid look for any occasion.

If and when you decide to spend some coins on some sweaters, I hope this post the previous ones and the next one will help educate you on all there is to know sweater types so you can pick the best one for yourself.