You use SNKRS app?

So today, we’re doing things a little differently. That’s right, let’s indulge in some sneaker talk. How many of you are familiar with the SNKRS app? Let me rephrase that question, how many of you are familiar with taking L’s on the SNKRS app?

Yeah, I’ve been there. The app might as well tell us, “congratulations you played yourself”(DJ Khaled voice). We’re tired of not being selected for the latest drops. Frankly, it feels unfair to a lot of users. Well, if it’s any consolation, the folks over at Nike are starting to feel the pressure.


In a recent meeting last week, Nike VP Jon Faris explained how Nike wants to recreate the sneaker marketplace to reflect the community they serve. “Especially in Black and brown communities and Asian communities, so that we actually show and we actually give equity and inclusion to the communities that have been gentrified out and alienated by the resale market.”

Hmm, let me give you some context as to why this is hard for me to believe.

The SNKRS app is the direct link to Nike’s coveted products. Yet because we’re not selected for those products, we leave the app to use other reliable ones (GOAT, StockX, Kyx World, etc.)

One can make the argument that sneaker culture has been gentrified. Sneaker culture has always been a sub-culture in fashion. Also, it’s more popular among the younger generations and, become more mainstream than ever before.

You could say that the market’s saturated with bots, or the early access people that don’t need it, so the regular folks don’t have a chance at these drops.

Remember ole boy, Joe Herbert, with the crazy shoe collection? The same kid that used his mom’s Nike corporate credit card; and bots to cheat the system to buy out entire stock limited drops. Yeah, that guy.
Get this at the time, his mom Ann Herbert was the VP of North America who oversaw the SNKRS app.

So when it’s all said and done will you still be logging on to the app to see if you’ve won? Goodluck beloved. As for me, I’ll get it by other methods.


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