The Panini & Summer Tracksuits

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, you know? Restrictions have lifted, and the outside is officially open. I’m not sure how to feel about it all. We’ve been locked down in a whole panini for about a year, and some change. Part of it felt like being stuck in isolation, and the other part felt like a nice stay-cation


We’re all at home, so we haven’t had much of a reason to get dressed. Most of our work-from-home attire probably consisted of some tracksuit or sweatsuit ensemble. Any zoom meetings during the day,  replace the top with an appropriate shirt/blouse, and all good.

I can’t lie though there are moments where I get dressed just to grab groceries or fill the tank of gas in my car. That nostalgia of getting fly and going out to social gatherings is becoming a reality again. But I want to share are some ideas to upscale some of those at home looks for more elevated casual fits for outside.





What better way to share these ideas than to use me as the subject! Now you guys know I like my stuff to be different, to stand out. So I have this tracksuit by Allen Onyia from Macy’s that is great, to be quite honest.


I love the detail of the pocket, the splash of color going down the sweatshirt, and the pants. What is unique about this tracksuit is that I can pair it with other items in my closet to create versatile looks.

Sweatshirt from the Allen Onyia X INC collab

It’s hot this summer. I want to have fits that keep me cool in the heat and warm during cool nights. Take the sweatshirt, for example, I can add some chinos, pleated trousers, low-top sneakers, loafers, and boots now I have an elevated brunch/ dinner fit. If I need a more relaxed look I can substitute the pants for some mesh shorts, pleated shorts, chunky socks, and whatever sneakers and voilà instant comfort.

Quality time with my girlfriend Porscha

Now, what could I do with the pants? The pants I said earlier have a pop of color going do the quads and shins. At the bottom, a slit that enables the pants to drape down no matter what shoes you wear. I’d wear a mesh tank top or any shirt with a breathable fabric like cotton to keep me cool. If I need something to keep me warm at night, I can grab a denim jacket or a light cardigan sweater and call it good.


Thanks for reading for the latest fits check-out Instagram and Youtube for my latest work behind the scenes.


Photos by Brandon Soder & Karen Leann Kirschand and Myself


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