More looks for Volume 1

What’s good family I’m back with more looks straight out of that volume 1 catalog! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the looks from the first iteration in the collection. This second one had a lot of different colors, patterns and was a bit more functional.

To me, these looks represent a normal day during quarantine. Starting from work in the morning to social distance interactions at night. Do you ever have the feeling that you wanna wear something nice for the day? That was what that first look embodied, that let me get ready for the office at home, work attire. Slowly as you watch the reel the aesthetic shifts to a more relaxed cozy fit followed by something for that casual meet-up with friends.

If that’s not the vibe you got then please let me know! I want to hear your interpretations! In each set of looks, you can always see me wearing some type of pattern. The first look I think I was wearing had checkered slacks. Also, in the second look, you can see that I have on that coogi-esque sweater.


look 2 in the next set of looks for volume 1 look 2 in the next set of looks for volume 1

I’ve always appreciated finding ways to make things work. I feel like this how it’s been for everyone during the pandemic. Whether you’re working or not working, we’re all figuring out ways to make this new normal work. For example, some of you may be figuring out how to maintain your mental health, eating habits, keeping yourselves productive, etc.


Another example is my first reel was outside, but because Seattle weather is known to be ugly this time of year, so I had to pivot and take it inside.

It might not have turned out the way I envisioned it but in time it will. So, I gotta hold on and keep going. The same goes for you all. This time this moment of loss, separation, isolation will pass, and from it will come a better time.


Keep an eye out for my next post about the last set of looks for volume 1. Volume 2 is coming together really well right now. I’m working on some dope winter looks that show more balance in my looks and uniform. And of course, there will be a lot of looks you can emulate and cop!



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