Seattle Polo 2017


The Seattle Polo party is quickly becoming a fan favorite to mark on your calendar. On this day it seems as if the weather clears up just for this event; a day to celebrate the sport of kings while looking your best doing it. The weekend polo event can be summed up in three words: stallions, style, and sustenance. 


If you’ve never seen the game of polo–watching water polo in the Olympics doesn’t count–then you’re missing out. It’s one of those things that is more impressive up close and in person. The fluid synchronization of man and horse reminds you of mythical centaurs.



blk n white



Once the games ends, the day quickly shifts to rubbing shoulders with some influencers and enthusiasts over a nice glass of champagne; there’s nothing more refreshing.




Figuring out what to wear to a Polo event is tough. There’s no dress code but you still want to take the opportunity to dress your best given the occasion. The weather in summer can be muggy at times (especially due to the recent smog we’ve experienced), so I decide to go with a Hudson linen blazer to keep me cool. My navy blue knit tie from Suit Supply is a nice touch with the plaid waistcoat and works perfectly with the white linen shirt. To tie it all together I go with a pair of brown loafers from To Boot New York to add a splash of casual to the ensemble.


The blue plaid and Hudson brown has slowly become my favorite color combo of the summer. Though there isn’t a contest for best dressed, I think this entry is a solid nominee to contend as winner. However, you can always try your luck in the hat contest and be judged by yours truly.





At the end of the day I enjoyed myself, and had a lot of fun. What more can I say? I look forward to this event next year. If you’re ever in town, this is something you want to add to your bucket list.


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